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our mission is to provide our customers with custom‐engineered
solutions for high performance filtration application’s.

We achieve this mission by meeting rigorous specifications and challenging filtration performance standards. Because of our certified processing capabilities some of our customers
ask FOF to perform Special Process subcontract
work, for example

Filter Media Pleating, to support Your own manufacturing operations.
For some applications it is necessary to enable a much larger volume of gas or liquid to flow
through a filter located in a limited space envelope than would be possible using a traditional filter design. In these cases it
is necessary to increase the total surface area of the filter medium (gauze or screen). This is done by “pleating” the filter
medium, which involves “folding” the material back and forth against itself.  Enables the filter to trap more contaminant
particles and so allows faster air or liquid flow rates through the filter assembly.
FOF has been pleating filter media for many years. Typical materials include paper, metal wire mesh, synthetic fiber and
stranded glass.
FOF developed and built its own production machines for pleating. And Other proprietary processes in use today ! All done in House

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